Policies & Procedures

Due to licensing requirements, all children that attend our facility do so on a flexible basis, and may attend for a maximum of four consecutive hours on any given day. This means that parents can choose dates and times for their children subject to availability. No calls or reservations required.

Payment is by the min. after the first hour. Payment is due by cash, debit and/or major credit card. Refund will only be granted to those that have prepaid for hourly packages that have NOT been used. 

Anytime Kids offers a time for morning and afternoon snack as well as meals for lunch and dinner that are catered out. If you plan on your child attending during lunch or dinner, there is an additional $5 charge for their meal. Snacks and juice/water are always provided by Anytime Kids. Children do not need to be potty trained to attend our center, however, parents are responsible for providing diapers and wipes, there will be $1 charge for every diaper and or wipes that are not provided and if necessary please provide a change of clothing. If change of clothes are not provided and child has an accident parents will be notified immediately. All parents will be charged $1 for every min. if child is not picked up at closing time. 


When bringing your child to Anytime Kids, please remember to dress them in comfortable clothing with socks. The facility is shoe free and children will be climbing, tumbling and participating in craft activities!

When picking your child up from Anytime Kids, please be sure to have a picture ID handy. In order to keep the children in our facility safe, only persons listed on the Registration Form will be allowed to pick up children. ID is required!

For the sake of your child, our staff members and other children attending our facility, please send only healthy children to Anytime Kids. Please consider the following health guidelines before deciding to send your child or keep him/her home:

  • Temperature of 100.6 or higher

  • Nausea/vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Red, watery eyes with yellow or cloudy drainage

  • Undiagnosed rash

  • Excessive phlegm cough and/or purulent nasal discharge

  • Severe sore throat


Your child should not have experienced any of these symptoms for at least 24 hours before coming to our facility. Anytime Kids reserves the right to refuse entry or discharge early any child exhibiting any of the above symptoms.

Anytime Kids uses a discipline system that includes praise, positive reinforcement, and role modeling. Time-out is used in our program when necessary. Anytime Kids reserves the right to refuse admittance to any child whose continued presence compromises the safety or structure of our program.

These policies have been put into place in order to help ensure a safe and meaningful experience for you and your child. At Anytime Kids we provide a fun and safe environment and we DO NOT allow property destruction or abuse of any form being verbal or physical to our children or staff. We reserve the right to refuse services    based in on any of the things mentioned above.